Why Exhibit?

• Source new products and services: Mega Horeca Morocco brings together a wide range of HORECA suppliers, showcasing the latest equipment, technology, food and beverage offerings.

• Network with industry professionals: Mega Horeca is a great platform to connect with potential business partners, distributors, and key players in the Moroccan HORECA sector.

• Explore the Moroccan market: If you're considering entering the Moroccan HORECA market, MEGA HORECA MOROCCO allows you to assess the landscape, understand local demands, and identify potential partners or distributors.

Exhibitor & Visitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

• Hotel Equipment & Furniture,
• Food & Beverage Companies,
• Food Technologies,
• Computer / Hardware Systems,
• Furniture / Fittings, Interior Designers,
• Table Accessories,
• Glassware,
• Bar Equipment / Supplies,
• Buffet Display Equipment / Supplies,
• Equipments; Ovens, Grills, Coffee Machines,
• Smoothie Makers,
• Cutlery / Silverware,
• Bar & Beverage Equipment,
• Refrigeration,
• Restaurant Supplies,
• Crockery,
• Tableware,
• Equipment for Bakery,
• Pastry and Confectionary Technologies

Visitor Profile

• Hotels
• Rented Rooms – Hostels
• Hotel F&B Managers
• Εxecutive Chefs – Cooks
• Agro-tourism businesses
• Food Wholesalers
• Catering Chains
• Catering Companies
• Coffee Groups
• Restaurants
• Grill Houses
• Tavernas – Ouzeri
• Canteens – Snack Cafes
• Cafes – Bars
• Entertainment – Leisure Venues
• Closed market Canteens
• Fast Food – Pizzerias
• Bakeries – Patisseries
• Confectionary Workshops
• Bakery, Confectionary & Ice Cream Manufacturers
• Architects – Decorators
• Construction Companies
• Machinery Trading
• Equipment Trading
• Organized Retails
• Ship & Airplane Catering
• Importers/Exporters
• Dealers and Distributors
• Tourism School students
• International Buyers

Why Visit?

Visiting Mega Horeca Morocco is the best way to keep up to date with the latest developments in North Africa's newly growing HORECA sector. Benefit from opportunities with industry peers, get the chance to meet a large number of local and international companies.

Morocco HORECA fair offers a valuable experience to discover new markets in the hospitality industry, establish an international network and follow trends closely.

* Stay informed about developing or changing market trends,
Expand your network,
Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners,
Stay informed about global trends,
Discover unique and trending products,
Engage with your industry community locally